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iNemesis Version 5.0 is a major rewrite of previous versions. Its interface is quite simple, yet it gives you twice the power. The major goal of this rewrite was to remove clutter and provide Clarity and simplification.

Major Features:

Layouts and docking are added. Bigger board, and better chat windows. Simplified interface. Please see screen shots.

Board layout selection

Boards can be configured to be docked to edges of terminal

6 new piece sets, and 26 new boards.

iNemesis now shows previous moves of an observed or adjourned games - for standard/lightning/blitz

Disconnector Detection System: Now, iNemesis would let you know when it suspects if a player is a confirmed or potential disconnector. It does so automatically at start of game.

Mistell Assassin: Mistells are history with Mistell Assassin. Whenever you type , or . , iNemesis expands it on the command line to "tell chan# " or "tell username ".

Reorganized menu layout.

Pending window. See list of pending challenges.

Redesigned board window.

Added layout save/load for board. Now you can practically design your own boards windows.

Single button to remove clutter in main terminal.

Single button to remove clutter on the board windows.

Added My Stored button in stored window

Added option to optionally remove from main terminal shouts/cshouts/kibz/whisp/tells.

In chat windows, added "Speak This Window", default is Off. Users would be able to speak just selected windows, whatever is present in them. for example, shouts would not be generally spoken. but if they land in a particular window, and that window is displayed, then they'd be spoken. Or you can select a particular list of users, channels, and notifications to be spoken.

Premoves are automatically cleared on illegal move.

New toolbar management. You can easily select which toolbars to show/hide.

If you click on a word/phrase that is in double quotes, like "finger inemesis", the word/phrase is sent as command to the server.

More functionality added to the messages window. Now you can delete and email from there.

New piece colorizer. Preserves details and you can use a lot of colors more accurately.

User Lists window now shows public lists as well.

Terminal is slightly improved.

Encoded chat implemented in chat windows.


Integrated Timeseal - it would contribute a LOT to connection problems and stability. BIG THANKS to Chessty and Plotinus.

Sought Grid.

Sought Options. Now you can filter seeks based on game type, player ratings, and many other things.

Icons in Sought grid, who and games.

New sought graph. Old graph can be enabled from settings. New graph shows each seek as a square,and color of square indicates games type. Its border indicates if the seeker is a computer,or if the seek is unrated.

Zoom in and out in the seek graph.

Encrypted Chat. Type this: 'enc username hello.', instead of ., you can use ' for sending an encrypted message to the last user to whom you sent last tell or encrypted tell.

Smilies in personal tells, shouts, and channel tells.

Shows last channel and told person.themes export and import.

10 new user variables, v0, v1, .., v9, to set them, either enter on command line

v0 tinpin

this stores tinpin in variable v0, or do it thru right click can set these variables thru your autoexecute commands as well.use them like standard macros, tell %v0% hi.


Spoken arrivals can be disabled.

Grab Text containing phrases that you choose, and collect text stringscontaining a specific phrase from your terminal buffer.

Visual Button and Button Bar Maker.

Ability to show and hide almost all system buttons.

Color Themes

Font Themes

Basic mode and Advanced Mode.

Button on top of Board to make it stay on top of other windows.

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